Sunday, 24 November 2013

Two Oceans 2012 Chardonnay: Great Value

This 10 dollar wine is considered a great value by Wine Align. It was my original target, the day I was led widely astray by this Astrolabe monstrosity.

As you know dear readers, I am no wine expert. My palate is as undisciplined as a teenager being raised by hippies in biosphere 3.  So please forgive me when I admit I didn't like this wine.

Certainly, it has a flavour almost as deep and complex as the hateful Astrolabe, but at only half the cost. But if my instinct after drinking half a glass is to add some Perrier, then I have to ask, is there a problem with me or a problem with the wine?

Yeah, I also think the problem is me. Not sure I'm going to succeed at this whole "be more grown up about my drinking" thing.

Next time, I'll move off Chardonnay but try to stick to the same price point. 

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