Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hey Summerhays, is that a new Haircut?

Summerhays has completed their exterior upgrade. It's an improvement, but somehow they still manage to look like a former car dealership.

Don't get me wrong. In no way am I slagging one of my favorite weekend breakfast places. The huevos rancheros has its own level in my personal food pyramid. 

Service is good, food is better than you would expect, and the ambiance is comfortable. Patrons range from university students recovering after a night of drinking, blue collar guys on break, and families of all sorts. This is a place you can bring your elderly parent when you spring them from the old folks home, or, if you must, your screaming, greasy children.

Thankfully, Summerhays offers a separate seating area near the bar where you are less likely to run into the elderly or the infantile. You may however see lonely men having a morning drink at the bar, or if you are luckier, one of yoga-pant clad waitresses taking her break next to the coffee pots.

Dear readers, I admit I was concerned when I saw Summerhays covered with the blue construction tarp over the summer. Now that the results are unveiled I'm relieved that the essence of the place hasn't changed. And yet, I have to ask, doesn't getting a new haircut make you want to trim the pubes as well?

The spit and polish on the outside is nice, by why not fix the seats held together with duck tape or replace the tire tread art in the dining room?

See what the rest of Ottawa has to say:

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