Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bread & Sons Bakery

All signs point to me hating this place, but I love it. I can't help myself.

It's the best thing ever when you go in the morning, and the hazulnet spelt cookies aren't out on the shelf yet, so you ask for one, but you are warned they are too soft to carry, but you get one anyway, and you put a bite in your mouth, and its warm gooey awesomeness increases your certainty that you aren't just some random Turing test subject:

And the pizza. Oh my (non-existent) god. Never has vegetarian food been so yummy and satisfying. That I love this pizza so much makes me wonder if I should also open my mind to other previously-unthought-of possibilities like lesbian sex and ear candeling (the answers are maybe, and no, never).

The one place where B&Ss breaks down for me is in the breakfast sandwich department. Sorry, but my breakfast sandwiches must include bacon. The crumby croissant stuffed with hard boiled egg does nothing for me.

But, dear readers, please check out what the rest of Ottawa has to say:

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