Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lift-off Eludes Banzini

Number 8 and I had dinner here yesterday. We'd heard great things about the wood-fired pizza, but we were let down faster than an ornithopter with a broken wing.

I had trouble finding an appealing pizza on the menu. I went with the pork option. See those pinkish splotches? Applesauce.  Number 8 picked the more traditional-sounding sausage option, That's Amore. Unfortunately, we both found our choices to be bland and undercooked. Raw onion bits. No merging of flavors. Not enough sauce.

Decor was a lot of shiny black lacquer.  Felt more like I was sitting in a strip club than a wood-fired pizza place.

The "order and pay first" approach felt weird at dinner, but I suspect if the food was better, nobody would complain about this.

The thing that saves Banzini is the cheesecake. If I were queen of the universe (and you know how I like to dress-up in a toga and crown) these little morsels of ambrosia would be delivered to my table by doves and I would eat them and nothing else while being serenaded by caged sirens and entertained by terpsichorean Orion slave girls. 

But, dear readers, please see what the rest of Ottawa has to say:

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  1. An extremely critical review, not shared by me and most of the other reviewers on the web. I am in no way related to the restaurant, but find it to have superb food, a branding worthy of Starbucks, a friendly owner, so distinctive it could easily be franchised. The lunch crowd is amazing for the area, considering the lack of parking.